Emmanuel Letouzé auf der W-JAX 2015

W-JAX 2015 Keynote: Big Data, Ethik, Politik und Menschenrechte

Hartmut Schlosser

Nach 10 Jahren, da Big Data erstmals als Mainstream-Konzept die Runde machte, sind viele Fragen immer noch ungeklärt. Emmanuel Letouzé (Data-Pop Alliance) stellt in dieser Keynote von der W-JAX 2015 den Zusammenhang her zwischen Daten, Ethik, Politik und Menschenrechten.

Die Kernbotschaft: Der derzeitige „Datenanalphabetismus“– also der völlig naive Umgang mit den eigenen Daten und den Daten anderer – muss überwunden werden und einer verantwortungsbewussten Haltung weichen, in der jeder über die Verwendung seiner Daten selbst entscheiden kann.

Emmanuel Letouzé W-JAX 2015: Reflexions on Big Data, Ethics, Politics and Human Rights from JAX TV on Vimeo.

English Abstract:

Less than a decade after Big Data emerged as a mainstream concept raising both significant excitement and skepticism, and just over two years into the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s revelations about the activities of the US National Surveillance Agency, many hard questions remain to be properly asked and addressed about Big Data’s potential to foster positive social change. Individual privacy is rightfully mentioned in all discussions on the topic, but other ethical and legal aspects are often overlooked; human capacity gaps and “data literacy” needs are thankfully gaining growing attention, but their conceptualization tends to be too narrow; the societal applications and implications of future technological advances are being considered, but history teaches us that they are largely unpredictable and require developing adaptive and inclusive systems. The talk will attempt to place these questions within a coherent conceptual and contextual framework, connecting and contrasting as much as possible their ethical, political and legal dimensions.

Emmanuel Letouzé is the director and co-founder of Data-Pop Alliance. He is a visiting scholar at MIT Media Lab, a fellow at HHI, a senior research associate at ODI, a non-resident adviser at the International Peace Institute, and a PhD candidate (ABD) in Demography at UC Berkeley. His interests are in Big Data and development, conflict and fragile states, poverty, migration, official statistics and fiscal policy.  He is the author of the UN Global Pulse’s White Paper, “Big Data for Development: Challenges and Opportunities”, where he worked as Senior Development Economist in 2011-12, and the lead author of the report “Big Data for Conflict Prevention” and of the 2013 and 2014 OECD Fragile States reports.  In 2006-09 he worked for UNDP in New York, including on the Human Development Report research team. In 2000-04 he worked in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the French Ministry of Finance as a technical assistant on public finance and official statistics. He is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris (BA, Political Science, 1999, MA, Economic Demography, 2000) and Columbia University (MA, 2006), where he was a Fulbright fellow.  Emmanuel is also a political cartoonist as “manu”; he held his first solo exhibition at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn in 2011 and a 2nd exhibition at MIT Media Lab in 2014. He is an invited member of The Cartoon Movement and contributes cartoons to different media.

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