Rod Johnson: The JVM – The Enterprise and beyond [Keynote JAX 2016]

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Rod Johnson, CEO von Atomist und Erfinder des Spring-Frameworks, gibt in seiner Keynote auf der JAX 2016 eine Bestandsaufnahme des Java-Ökosystems. Dabei sieht er das frühere Enterprise-Modell als nicht mehr zeitgemäß an – doch die gute Nachricht: Java hat sich als so anpassbar erwiesen, dass es auch für moderne Enterprise-Ansätze mehr als gut gerüstet ist.


Our industry is changing at a remarkable rate. The traditional “enterprise” model is finally being swept away. The application server has finally met the end it so richly deserved. The rise of containers is having a profound effect on all layers of the stack. Even enterprises increasingly want to move from monolithic applications toward microservices, allowing greater room for experimentation with languages and infrastructure. What’s the role of Java and the JVM in this new world? Is Java still relevant? What about Scala and other JVM languages? What are the skills that a Java developer should develop to be most effective today? Rod will give a characteristically opinionated take on these topics and discuss some of his own coding preferences.

JAX 2016 Keynote Rod Johnson from JAX TV on Vimeo.

56e16a0313d949ee21f3d7cbversion62sizefullRod Johnson is CEO of Atomist, and a coder, author and investor. He is the creator of the Spring Framework and was co-founder and CEO of SpringSource. Following the acquisition of SpringSource by VMware, he served as SVP, Application Platform at VMware. He is the author of several popular and influential books on Java and Java EE, including „Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development“ and „J2EE without EJB“ (with Jürgen Hoeller). He sits on the board of four prominent open source companies: Neo Technology, elastic, Meteor and Hazelcast.

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