Fortune favours the prepared mind

The prepared Mind: JAX 2015 Keynote von Adrian Colyer

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Adrian Colyers Keynote von der JAX 2015: Wie hält man sich in einer immer komplexer werdenden Informationslandschaft Up-to-Date? Adrians Methode: In seinem „The Morning Paper“ resümiert er jeden Tag ein neues Forschungspapier.

How can you tap into the most significant trends and opportunities in technology? „Fortune favours the prepared mind“ as Pasteur’s famous quote goes. As a technologist at a venture capital firm, Accel Partners in London, Adrian is in a fortunate position to see many great teams, technologies, and companies across Europe. In this keynote, Adrian will explain some of the the approaches he uses to keep a prepared mind, including „The Morning Paper“, in which he writes-up a new research paper every weekday.


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