So zähmen Sie die Bitcoin Blockchain [JAX 2016 Keynote]

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Bitcoin und Blockchain sind derzeit omnipräsent in den Medien. Beschrieben werden die Technologien abwechselnd als disruptiv, innovativ, kriminell und brilliant. Bitcoin/Blockchain-Expertin Caterina Rindi rückt in ihrer JAX-Keynote einige schiefe Bilder zurecht und trennt den Hype von der Realität.


Bitcoin and blockchain technology are mentioned everywhere in the media and described alternately as disruptive, innovative, criminal, brilliant, and the future of financial technology. This keynote will separate the reality from the hype, covering a brief history, current uses and developments, and advantages being explored by the fintech industry. Bitcoin will be demystified as a currency, recognizing its usefulness and perceived threat to governments, corporations, and banks. We’ll also cover what makes the bitcoin blockchain such a revolutionary tool, and why those same institutions are trying to bend it to their will. Lastly, we’ll discuss alternative blockchains like Ethereum, and the additional solutions they offer.

JAX 2016: Keynote Caterina Rindi from JAX TV on Vimeo.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-25 um 15.43.12Caterina Rindi has been involved in the bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem since late 2013, educating and introducing non-technical audiences to the bitcoin currency and underlying blockchain protocol, organizing Bitcoin Meetups and events, and working with crypto-currency startups, as well as other FinTech clients. Her background is in education, project management, and community engagement, and she is a Certified Bitcoin Professional.
Caterina is a consultant and multilingual speaker, traveling frequently between Europe and the United States, and worldwide.

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Gibt es auch eine einfache Art der auszahlungen??von Bitcoins??

Bankcard oder so??