Java auf dem Raspberry Pi: Zucker zum Kaffee?

Nach einer Einführung in den Raspberry Pi und die ARM-Architektur zeigt Simon Ritter die Möglichkeiten der Verwendung des JDK8 auf dem populären den Einplatinen-Computer – inklusive JavaFX.

The Raspberry Pi has caused a huge wave of interest amongst developers, providing an ARM powered single board computer running a full Linux distro off an SD card and all for only $35! After an introduction to the Raspberry Pi and the ARM architecture, this talk looks look at how Java can be used on a device like this. Oracle have released an early access preview of JDK8 including JavaFX and a version of Java ME Embedded (3.3) tuned specifically for the Raspberry Pi. This includes a very useful Device Access API enabling the use of sensors and actuators easily from Java code using the Raspberry Pi’s external interface. Using these releases, we show a variety of demonstrations of what the Raspberry Pi is capable of. Prepare to be amazed at what this tiny board can do. Filmed at JAX London 2013.


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