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DevOpsCon 2018: Programmvorschau und Frühbucher-Specials

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Die DevOpsCon 2018 findet vom 28. bis 31. Mai in Berlin statt. Bis Donnerstag, 26. April, können Sie noch von unseren Frühbucher-Specials profitieren: Early Birds attraktive Gruppen-Discounts. Außerdem erfahren Sie in diesem Beitrag alles über das geplante Programm.

Die DevOpsCon 2018 ist die Konferenz für DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Container-Technologien, Microservices und Cloud-Plattformen. In über 50 Workshops, Sessions und Keynotes können sich die Teilnehmer umfassend über innovative Infrastrukturen und moderne Unternehmenskulturen informieren, deren Zusammenspiel zukunftsfähiges Lean Business ermöglicht.

Das Themenspektrum:

  • Cloud Plattformen & Serverless
  • Container-Technologien (Docker, Kubernetes & Co)
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Microservices
  • Logging, Monitoring & Analytics
  • Security
  • Business & Company Culture
  • Agile Prozesse
  • Trends der Zukunft

Frühbucher Specials

Bis zum 26. April 2018 profitieren Sie noch von den Frühbucher-Specials:

  • Kollegenrabatt: Mit 3+ Kollegen anmelden und 10 % auf den Ticketpreis zusätzlich sparen.
  • Extra Specials: Freelancer und Mitarbeiter von wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen erhalten bei uns individuelle Sonderkonditionen.

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Themen & Trends

Strukturell sind die Sessions der Konferenz in 7 Tracks gegliedert. Diese stellen thematische Komplexe dar, die mithilfe der Konferenz-Advisor erstellt wurden. Schauen wir uns die Themenfelder genauer an.

Business & Company Culture

The lack of communication and collaboration between departments is no longer an issue which keeps employers up at night; DevOps is meant to radically optimize IT in a world where shorter development cycles and systems’ stability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The classic infrastructure is specifically affected: characterised by “Infrastructure as a Service”, microservices or container technology, new techniques emerge. But all these tools and technologies only provide value when used with the right corporate culture which emphasizes values such as transparency and collaboration. In this track, DevOps practitioners share their success stories and provide tips on how to kick-start your DevOps adoption.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.

Cloud-Plattformen & Serverless

Modern cloud platforms represent more than an opportunity to transfer applications to public data centres. They are offering a plethora of technical services which are challenging the conventional ways of building and using software. Data management, user and permissions management (identity), networks, management and monitoring, scaling are at hand as services in such environments. Calling one of those services takes just seconds to complete. In this track we offer insight into the newest approaches to set up cloud-based or even cloud native applications – from AWS to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Cloud Foundry to the newest trends towards serverless (FaaS) computing.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.


Container technology is spreading like wildfire in the software world — possibly faster than any other technology before. But what are the key learnings so far? Have the initial assumptions about the way in which containers revolutionize both the development and deployment of software been verified or falsified? What are the challenges for using containers in production and where are we headed to? This track provides use cases and best practices for working with the likes of Docker, Kubernetes & Co.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery successfully merges the process of build, test and deployment in an agile spirit. A smooth integration of agile tools is necessary even if this concept works best when merged with another buzzword that is close to developers’ hearts: automation. The Continuous Delivery & Automation track offers valuable practical knowledge on how to automate the software delivery and boost productivity.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.

Logging, Monitoring & Analytics

Native cloud applications typically consist of a number of autonomous (micro)services which communicate with each other via interfaces. While the complexity of the services aims to be low, there are new challenges for the overall system architecture. Specifically, there is a need for innovative solutions for cross aspects like dependency management, monitoring and logging, in order to guarantee the frictionless orchestration of the different service components. The track Logging & Monitoring presents approaches to handle the complexity of microservices applications. The scope ranges from performance analytics, profiling and monitoring to log management for Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes & Co.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.


One of the most important DevOps trends today is the ambition to include security aspects throughout the entire lifecycle of an application. „DevSecOps“ is the battle cry for tearing down the silos of isolated security departments, which are too often involved too late in the development process in order to care for the security of the systems. In addition to this „security shift-left,“ the DevOpsCon track Security provides valuable hands-on sessions for identifying and fixing weaknesses in your IT systems. There will also be a special focus on the specific security requirements in the context of cloud, container and microservices.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.


Microservices have metamorphosed into a state-of-the art way to reduce unnecessary complexity in modern enterprise systems. In addition, they make deployment and agile development much easier. In DevOpsCon’s Microservices track you will learn how to maximize development productivity and minimize mistakes. Is the future asynchronous? Can you automate your data center with containers? Is the serverless cloud a fad or a buzzword? Let’s discover that together.

Session Highlights:

Hier geht’s zu allen Sessions des Tracks.

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