Bernd Rederlechners und Boris Folgmanns Keynote von der DevOpsCon 2018 im Livestream

DevOps – So löst man die Flow-Bremse: Die Keynote der DevOpsCon 2018 im Livestream

Dominik Mohilo

Stat frei zum zweiten Tag der Hauptkonferenz! Wer dieses Jahr keine Gelegenheit hatte, die DevOpsCon in München zu besuchen, hat Glück im Unglück: Wir streamen auch die Keynote von Bernd Rederlechner, Chief Technologist bei T-Systems, und Boris Folgmann, Lead Architect DevOps und Cloud bei T-Systems. Sie werden den DevOps-Gedanken dabei einmal aus dem Blickwinkel der Endnutzer beleuchten.

Funktioniert DevOps auch für die Welt außerhalb der Tech-Branche? Welche Hemmfaktoren gibt es und wie sind sie zu lösen? Diese und weitere Fragen beantworten Bernd Rederlechner und Boris Folgmann in ihrer Keynote von der DevOpsCon 2018 in München.

Beginn: Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2018, 14 Uhr


Every new project in nearly every organization wants to include DevOps, and every team wants to get faster. However, putting every person in a room together and introducing some new technologies does not guarantee for even slightly improved lead times. What is the reason? Does DevOps really work for the world outside our IT bubble? Let´s switch perspectives and find out how speed and flow is perceived by the end users of our systems. What are possible brakes and how can we release them?

Bernd Rederlechner works as one of the Chief Technologists of T-Systems. Having his roots in software development, he has set productive small innovation projects to major strategic programs (such as De-Mail) – being responsible for all architectural decisions in software and system design. With this stable foundation for the practical application of DevOps, his mission is to show cloud customers as well as T-Systems itself fast and efficient ways for the successful realization of digital business ideas.


Boris Folgmann has been working as a Lead Architect DevOps and Cloud for T-Systems International since 2016. In 2018, he created DevOps as a Service, a new product that offers a complete DevOps tool chain in a SaaS approach. He’s got more than twenty years of experience in Software Development and worked as a freelancer for different start-ups in leading positions. His own company develops and operates services for European MNOs. Previous to his career at T-Systems, he substantially enhanced the functionality of the Business Marketplace for the SaaS offering of Deutsche Telekom in his role as Program Manager. For nearly two years he was the Technical Lead for building the Swisscom Cloud which included hands-on work for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Security and QA automation.


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